Kingsmill homeowners can file a violation, (you will no longer be anonymous) which will be investigated and enforced by the City of Melbourne. A few of the most commented complaints are listed below. It is the responsiblity of all of us to report violations, in order to continue to keep our community the best it can be.

Call Melbourne Code Compliance at 321- 628-7905 or use the following link to file a neighborhood complaint, again, you can remain anonymous. Note, Code Compliance is reactive only to a filed complaint.

9.74(P) – Boats, Trailers and RV’s

Boats, trailers and recreational vehicles may be stored in a carport, enclosed structure or to the rear of building lines indicated by these illustrations. Recreational equipment and recreational vehicles may be parked anywhere on residential premises during loading/unloading or maintenance for a period not to exceed 48 consecutive hours within a seven-day period.

32.56 – Grass Height

Grass or lawn height on properties may be up to 12 inches in height.

48.30 – Garbage, Recycling and Other Refuse.

Refuse containers may be placed out after 5 p.m. the day before pickup and returned to behind the face of the building on the day of collection.

52.4- Parking Over Sidewalks and “Parking Wrong Direction

It shall be unlawful to obstruct any part of the public streets, sidewalks, parkways, parks or plazas of the city by placing, or causing to be placed thereon, any box, counter, shelving, debris, sign, merchandise, building material, or other obstruction. It shall be unlawful to park the wrong direction.

Per our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, page 9

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